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Building Contracts

Building & Construction Lawyers Parramatta, Sydney

It is essential that all contracts and agreements are drafted and reviewed correctly to ensure that your legal interest is completely protected.

At Renson Lawyers, our building contract lawyers seek to ensure our client is completely informed so that they are aware of the meaning and effect of the building contract.

We are focused on ensuring that building and construction contracts are drafted correctly so as to avoid any potential disputes between the parties.

Building Contracts

In relation to building contracts, our expert building construction lawyers provide you with advice on the meaning and effect of contracts including those relating to:

  • What the works consist of
  • Variations to the works and how variation claims can be made
  • Progress payments, how they are made and what the requirements are for each party
  • How damages are incurred
  • The expectation of practical completion and what may occur if the date is not met
  • Time frames specified
  • Defective works and the responsibility of each party relating to defects
  • Rectification works and how they should take place
  • Certificates and certifications and who is required to obtain them
  • Special provisions

Our law firm has extensive experience where our construction lawyers parramatta can assist you with any agreements relating to building and construction contracts and agreements including:

  • Drafting and reviewing building contracts
  • Contractors agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Off-the-plan purchases and sales
  • Registration of easements, covenants and other legal restrictions on title
  • Drafting and reviewing Put and Call Options
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial and retail leases
  • Section 88B instruments
  • Reviewing tenders
  • Drafting special provisions
  • Drafting contractors agreements
  • Drafting supply agreements
  • All agreements related to construction and development

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