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Wills and Estate

Wills and Estate Lawyers Parramatta, Sydney

Our wills and estate lawyers provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to individuals and families in matters related to estate planning, will drafting, and estate administration.

Estate planning is a crucial aspect of one’s financial and personal affairs. Renson Lawyers understands the importance of creating a well-structured estate plan that reflects the client’s wishes and protects their assets. Our estate planning lawyers work closely with clients to assess their unique circumstances, goals, and concerns. They take into account your family dynamics and individual financial considerations to develop a tailored estate plan that ensures the smooth transfer of assets and minimises potential disputes.

Drafting a will is a fundamental component of estate planning. Renson Lawyers guides clients through the process of creating a legally valid and comprehensive will. Our wills and estate lawyers help clients identify their beneficiaries, appoint executors, establish trusts if necessary, and provide instructions on the distribution of assets. At our law firm Sydney, we are well-versed in the intricacies of will drafting, including the legal formalities and requirements, to ensure that the will accurately reflects the client’s intentions and protects their loved ones’ interests.

We can assist you with:

  • Drafting your will
  • Advising you on possible conflicts related to your will
  • Drafting your Power of Attorney
  • Drafting your Enduring Guardianship
  • Drafting documents for Probate
  • Advising on the distribution of your estate
  • The effect of a Binding Financial Agreement on your estate
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