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Property and Real Estate
Purchasing a Property
Purchasing a Property | Types of Property Ownership NSW You should consider how your property ownership will be registered if you are purchasing a property with another person or entity. The type of property ownership you chose to proceed with can impact each individual or entity in several ways. Below we have listed and explained...
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Property Lawyers Sydney
Selling your property in New South Wales (NSW) can be an extremely stressful and confusing time if you do not receive the right advice from the outset. Our property lawyers will make sure that you receive the appropriate advice so that you can understand the selling process from beginning to end when you are selling...
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Things to consider when Purchasing a Property
The current property marketing in Sydney is constantly changing. If you have purchased a property in the past, you may have experienced the rush and urgency placed by all parties in exchanging contracts and placing a deposit. The lead up to securing the property of your dreams may be one of the most stressful times....
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